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About The Game

Dream Mirror

Hello, dear reader,

I am the developer of Dream Mirror, the game is inspired from Oculus Dreamdeck (my first VR experience) and Stargate SG1 (huge fan). I developed this game in the hope it can deliver a more complete VR experience then Dreamdeck, a VR experience where you can actually interact with the environment fully or partial (depends on map), a place you can revisit after a hard day and listen to the environment sounds or use the built in music player to listen to your own songs.

Without further adieu we invite you to read the Dream Mirror Mythology and to watch and read the game story, you're story!

Dream Mirror - Mythology

In an ancient temple fill with unseen treasures, I found a tablet that had a carved text:
"Those who places the stone on the pedestal will invoke a magic mirror, in the mirror you will see a different world, step into the mirror to instantly travel to that world and if is too much for you use the ancient wristband to travel back to the forgotten temple of RA."

Player Story

When I first stepped into my new home I felt it had something mysterious.

Then discovering the rooms, I came across a bracelet that had a strange green stone, I put it on my hand and it felt like it was mine forever.
Suddenly, the stone began to shine very brightly, curious about my new finding, I touched it and a chill came over me after which I saw nothing and I woke up in a treasure room, where I found a papyrus with inscriptions about a shining stone and a pedestal, I immediately understood that I had to put the stone on the pedestal. Suddenly the room began to shake, the inscriptions shining a brilliant light through out the room and a pillar with a mirror in the middle appeared as if it were a window to another world ...

Game Description

Dream Mirror transports you to Immersive environments and magical worlds where you can Interact with environment and solve puzzles to pass the level.